Scott Shapiro

They call me The Shaman Of Light. I am a light artist that works with light as a sculptural form. I have been creating sculptural light works and installations for over 25 years. I create sculptural installations that attempt to erode the boundary between subject and object.  This experience is made profoundly physical by incorporating these objects to evoke personal feelings and memories.  Exhibiting is a great way to invite people to open their minds to thinking in different ways, while opening new windows for the future

Scott Shapiro was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Arts at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. In 2005 he was awarded The Bolz Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship honoring Harvey Littleton. In 2006 he was awarded the Eugene F. Dana Scholarship in Art, honoring Glenn Allen and the Chicago Bauhaus School. During that same year he completed his Master of Fine Arts Degree at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His areas of specialization are sculpture, photography, interactive art and installation.