Jane Marshall

Jane Marshall currently lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama.

Originally from Madison, where I was born and educated, I’ve been on the artistic and academic road for most of my adult life. Since an early age my art has been an important and dynamic pursuit, providing structure as well as opportunities to dream in a way not possible without early seminal and subsequent noteworthy life experiences.

Since receiving my MA and MFA from the University of Wisconsin I’ve been involved in numerous aspects of teaching from university level courses to workshops to artist residencies. Although these experiences have been rewarding, it is my own art investigations that continue to challenge, stimulate and drive me. While I was trained as a printmaker, I don’t restrict myself to just this medium. I have pursued a wide range of explorations including drawing, printmaking, painting, ceramic and low relief carved paintings.

Throughout the years my prints have ranged from etchings to woodcuts, although the more recent work has focused on one and two woodblock prints. Inspired by this process of cutting and reducing the surface of a woodblock, I decided to branch out by producing a series of carved and painted wood panels in low relief incorporating aspects of woodblock print production. These “paintings” include carved frames and focus on curious narratives from autobiographical recollections, images drawn from my immediate environment and a series featuring various animals and nature.

Ceramics have always held a fascination for me as well. Hence some of my recent work has been in clay where I create three-dimensional forms based on some of my two-dimensional images, concepts and designs. Working with clay provides the opportunity to expand my thinking as well as gaining some level of control of a totally new and very different medium.

Art making has always been central to who I am, what I do and how I express myself. It is undoubtedly one of my most important pursuits, something I do joyfully and with great determination to explore my inner self as well as to capture observances of the world around me, nature and the animals and people who inhabit it.

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