Dennis Nechvatal

"My artistic goal over the past several years has been the development of an investigative process: to research and explore artistic styles and disciplines through the creative process while utilizing the history of art. This open format enables the free examination of new avenues for imagery and layers of meaning. Through the selection of a variety of data and visual references, I compile and laminate multiple layers of information to generate a body of stronger and even more powerful images."

Dennis Nechvatal makes strong and powerful images whether it is a meticulous landscape, still-life or a network of metal masks. At first primitive in feel, they bid closer viewing and slowly convert into sophisticated reinventions of the natural world. The artist's Offerings series feature abundant floral bouquets lush with delicate brushstrokes. His popular Face/Mask paintings reveal layers of faces within a collage of hand-cut and hand-formed tin masks. He currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin.